Online event on 11.05.2021: ESCAPING EXTINCTION - Preventing the next Pandemic: An evening with Prof. Ulrike Protzer and Dr. Fabian Leendertz

BIOTOPIA continues its event series ESCAPING EXTINCTION | ÜBER:LEBEN with an exciting conversation on the animal origin of pandemics. For this event, we welcome Prof. Dr. Ulrike Protzer, Head of Virology at TUM and Helmholtz Zentrum München, as well as one of the world's leading zoonoses researchers, Dr. Fabian Leendertz. The event will be held in German, introduced by Dr. Auguste von Bayern and moderated by science communicator Dr. Dora Dzvonyar, Head of BIOTOPIA Lab & Events. & Events. [Find out more]

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Online event on 15.04.2021: Escaping Extinction | ÜBER:LEBEN - The New Climate War: An Evening with Dr. Michael E. Mann and Luisa Neubauer

BIOTOPIA is delighted to start its event series ESCAPING EXTINCTION by bringing together renowned climatologist and author Dr. Michael E. Mann with climate activist and Fridays for Future co-organizer Luisa Neubauer for an exciting discussion about a battle plan to combat climate change and save our planet. [Find out more]

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Online event on 23.02.2021: Fungi between science and art with Prof. Dr. Vera Meyer

We have another exciting online event planned for February 23. Scientist and artist Vera Meyer, Professor of Applied and Molecular Microbiology at TU Berlin and founder of the SciArt collective MY-CO-X, will talk with BIOTOPIA Founding Director Prof. Michael John Gorman about fungi as a material of the future and innovation at the interface of science and art. The event will be held in German.

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Rewatch our online event from January 12th, 2021: An evening with Merlin Sheldrake

Rewatch our online event on Jan. 12th, 2021 at 7pm: They are neither plant nor animal, yet found everywhere: On the earth, in the air and in our bodies. Fungi influence life in all its expressions. Biologist and author Merlin Sheldrake spoke about his new book, Entangled Life, in connection with the exhibition “Fungi for Future” at the new BIOTOPIA Lab. Look forward to an interesting discussion with BIOTOPIA Founding Director Michael John Gorman.

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BIOTOPIA 1st official member from Germany to join the European Commission Global Coalition United for Biodiversity

We proudly announce that BIOTOPIA – Naturkundemuseum Bayern is joining the Global Coalition for Biodiversity,  as the first official member from Germany. The Global Coalition calls for strong mobilisation of all national parks, research centers, science and natural history museums, botanic gardens, zoos, aquariums, and beyond to unite forces and make their voices heard about the nature crisis ahead of the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15) in 2021. After the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, BIOTOPIA also becomes the 2nd Natural History Museum worldwide to join the Coalition.

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Book release from BIOTOPIA founder Michael John Gorman

The Museum Mensch und Natur on Google Arts & Culture

In June 2020, the Museum Mensch und Natur celebrated its 30th anniversary - unfortunately, due to the Corona Pandemic, however, without a celebration or other public event. Since the museum has become very popular with many visitors over the past 30 years, this anniversary is now being honored with a launch in Google Arts & Culture.

Use the search function to select the Museum Mensch und Natur and get the opportunity to explore selected stories and objects. In addition, you can even visit our museum virtually via various museum views. Take your time to look at some of the most popular objects and maybe you will feel like visiting the museum live again.

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Book release from BIOTOPIA founder Michael John Gorman

Book release from our founder Michael John Gorman.

A provocative call for the transformation of science museums into "idea colliders" that spark creative collaborations and connections. Gorman focuses on the dialogue between scientists and artists, designers, policymakers, and the public and considers the questions, ideas and experiences of each visitor as an important resource for a new kind of museum experience. The book can be ordered online in English and provides exciting insights into the planned BIOTOPIA – Naturkundemuseum Bayern in Munich and giving forward-looking models of science engagement around the world.


The BIOTOPIA annual review 2019 is now available for download! It includes exciting insights behind the scenes, an interview with Dr. Auguste von Bayern, a review of the EAT festival and much more! So it's worth a glance and whoever is enthusiastic about BIOTOPIA's vision is welcome to donate and become a sponsor.

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UN Decade of Biodiversity honours DAWN CHORUS

With the new Citizen Science and Arts project, thousands of bird voices from all over the world were collected and mapped in a global sound map in the first upload phase in 2020. The project, initiated by the Nantesbuch Foundation and BIOTOPIA, has now been awarded the UN Decade of Biodiversity.

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