The vacated building adjacent to the current Museum Mensch und Natur was the chance to start the ball rolling for a new kind of museum at the site of Nymphenburg Palace.

Initiated by S.K.H. Herzog Franz von Bayern at the suggestion of the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and Art the Förderkreis BIOTOPIA was established. In 2012, the non-profit organisation chaired by renowned ornithologist Dr. Auguste von Bayern took up its work: To demonstrate the support of society and create awareness in the relevant political, societal, academic and economic fields.

Numerous supporters from all fields are committed to the realisation of BIOTOPIA since then and advocate for BIOTOPIA as an interdisciplinary space to inform, experiment, explore and participate together with its visitors.

  • "A large museum for the life sciences will in the medium term support the reduction of the serious shortage of talented professionals in science-oriented disciplines in Bavarian enterprises. The worldwide demand for solutions to problems that originate in the interaction of humans with nature is increasing continuously - key words: climate change, food, health, lack of resources, GM technology. Particularly the Bavarian industry already uses the business opportunities that reside in a sustainable solutions. The considerable possibilities for growth, however, are limited, because we are increasingly lacking professionals with training in the natural sciences. Young people frequently have reservations towards such discplines. A natural history museum which, like the small existing Museum Man and Nature, familiarizes children and teenagers with the subject matter in a vivid and congenial way, is eminently suitable to awaken interest for these promising professional fields. In this manner, BIOTOPIA will contribute to the growth and wealth in Bavaria."
  • „I am committed to BIOTOPIA to bring the many fascinating exhibits to light, so they can be displayed in appealing surroundings for curious citizens, families and young people soon. In this way, the entire natural history becomes visible, audible and palpable - and does not only come to live virtually!"
  • “Being a biologist and a dedicated behavioural scientist, nature, environment and species protection are near and dear to me. In my eyes, BIOTOPIA – a modern life sciences companion to the Deutsches Museum – presents an immense opportunity to familiarize the Bavarian (and European) population with nature and natural sciences and spark enthusiasm for these highly fascinating subjects. I personally consider children and adolescents to be particularly important. I hope BIOTOPIA ignites their natural curiosity and helps them view research as something enriching and exciting.”


Dr. Auguste von Bayern,
Prinzessin zur Lippe
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Prof. Randolf Rodenstock
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Ludwig Prinz von Bayern
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Dr. Winfried Klöpper
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Monika Freifrau von Pölnitz-Egloffstein
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Ferdinand Prinz zur Lippe
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The founding patrons were inspired by the vision of BIOTOPIA early on and contributed essentially to the successful launch of the project.

  • Dr. Christoph-Friedrich von Braun, Andrea von Braun Stiftung

    Dr. Christoph-Friedrich von Braun

    Chairman of the Andrea von Braun Foundation, Business Consultant
    "The Andrea von Braun Foundation is dedicated to breaking down the boundaries between disciplines. Our basic principle is the mutual enrichment and fertilization of disciplines, which fosters the unexpected. In our opinion, BIOTOPIA accommodates this ideal in a special way. What happens in nature resonates with all areas of human existence and activity. Understanding these processes always requires knowledge of processes and phenomena beyond one's own field of activity. This knowledge needs forming and cultivating from a young age onwards. The Bavarian natural history museum can serve this objective invaluably."
  • Maria Thon, Geschäftsführerin der BayWa-Stiftung


    Maria Thon, CEO of BayWa Foundation
    "BIOTOPIA offers the precious opportunity to experience and discover knowledge about healthy eating and renewable energy. The support of educational projects in these areas is firmly established in the foundation's objectives. Children and adolescents especially need a place where they can experience for themselves how important it is to live in close communion with nature and thereby with healthy food. The BayWa Foundation gladly supports BIOTOPIA - to connect humans, knowledge and nature."
  • Rolf Becker, Wort und Bild Verlag


    Founder of the Wort und Bild Publishing House


    Owner of the companies "Hermes Arzneimittel" and "Hermes Pharma"
    "I gladly support the Bavarian natural history museum as a founding patron, in order that we can use this favourable occasion to realise this enterprise whose relevance is central to current cultural and educational policies."
  • Martin Schoeller, Desert Food Foundation


    Desert Food Foundation, CEO Schoeller Industries
    "It is our generation's task to rebalance the relationship between humans and earth. For that to happen, we need to become more aware of how the consequences of our activities correlate and of the enormous possibilities nature offers us. To this, BIOTOPIA provides fascinating insights for all age groups."
  • Claus Hipp


    CEO Hipp Babynahrung
    "Dealing thoughtfully with creation becomes more and more important. Especially in the light of sustainability, new knowledge has to gain currency. A natural history museum is the best way to raise the public's awareness for future tasks. If knowledge is imparted in an enjoyable way, it is absorbed with enthusiasm and creates conviction. Only people with conviction can authentically inspire others for their ideas. The natural history museum is the best way to do that."
  • Dr. Dirk Ippen, Münchener Zeitungs-Verlag, Münchner Merkur


    Publisher Münchener Zeitungs-Verlag GmbH & Co. KG
    "Now, after all, it was finally successfull to get a natural history museum for Bavaria off the ground, the architectural competition has been tendered, the Free State is behind the behind the project and the initiators, with Dr. Auguste von Bayern leading the way, have managed to take enough private donors and patrons on board. This museum is not only about the past, but also about current questions regarding the future of man in nature. "Technology imitates nature" the ancient Greeks said. By now, however, we live in a world in which technology surpasses and reconfigures nature in a great number of areas. It is therefore of particular importance to explore nature in a natural history museum, since nature itself changes continuously with the passage of time."
  • André und Rosalie Hoffmann

    Mava Fondation pour la Nature
  • Dr. Oetker


    Shareholder Dr. August Oetker AG
  • Elisbaeth zu Sayn-Wittgenstein


  • Carl Ludwig Schweisfurth, Hermannsdorfer Landwerkstätten

    Carl Ludwig Schweisfurth - FA. SCHWEISFURTH

    Hermannsdorfer Landwerkstätten
    "The Schweisfurth family (my wife Dorothee and my children Karl, Georg and Anne) has decided to become a founding patron of the Bavarian natural history museum. We are particularly interested in what the future of food will look like for humanity. The current agro-industrial system which we have established in the last 50 years, especially the animal-meat-egg-dairy system is not sustainable. If we go on like this, more and more people and more and more animals will strip the earth bare. The future of man in nature needs to be accessible for children especially, in a way that helps them understand the consequences of our diet on ourselves and nature. For that reason, we must develop new ways to communicate knowledge. Facilities where children can experience knowledge and nature hands-on would be desirable. We are willing to contribute the methods we have developed in Hermannsdorf for a mindful and symbiotic land use regarding coexistence of soil, water, plants, animals and humans, for mutual benefit and wellbeing."

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    BIOTOPIA Newsletter


    We proudly announce that BIOTOPIA – Naturkundemuseum Bayern is joining the Global Coalition for Biodiversity,  as the first official member from Germany. The Global Coalition calls for strong mobilisation of all national parks, research centers, science and natural history museums, botanic gardens, zoos, aquariums, and beyond to unite forces and make their voices heard about the nature crisis ahead of the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15) in 2021. After the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, BIOTOPIA also becomes the 2nd Natural History Museum worldwide to join the Coalition.

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    In June 2020, the Museum Mensch und Natur celebrated its 30th anniversary - unfortunately, due to the Corona Pandemic, however, without a celebration or other public event. Since the museum has become very popular with many visitors over the past 30 years, this anniversary is now being honored with a launch in Google Arts & Culture.

    Use the search function to select the Museum Mensch und Natur and get the opportunity to explore selected stories and objects. In addition, you can even visit our museum virtually via various museum views. Take your time to look at some of the most popular objects and maybe you will feel like visiting the museum live again.

    Google Arts & Culture

    A provocative call for the transformation of science museums into "idea colliders" that spark creative collaborations and connections. Gorman focuses on the dialogue between scientists and artists, designers, policymakers, and the public and considers the questions, ideas and experiences of each visitor as an important resource for a new kind of museum experience. The book can be ordered online in English and provides exciting insights into the planned BIOTOPIA – Naturkundemuseum Bayern in Munich and giving forward-looking models of science engagement around the world.

    The BIOTOPIA annual review 2019 is now available for download! It includes exciting insights behind the scenes, an interview with Dr. Auguste von Bayern, a review of the EAT festival and much more! So it's worth a glance and whoever is enthusiastic about BIOTOPIA's vision is welcome to donate and become a sponsor.

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    Do you have questions or need further information? Do not hesitate to get in touch with the BIOTOPIA team and the Förderkreis BIOTOPIA.

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