A completely new, internationally significant museum: BIOTOPIA, museum of life. BIOTOPIA – Naturkundemuseum Bayern will create a space in which our relationship to other living beings can be re-thought and re-configured. It will inspire visitors to encounter our planet’s diversity – to reconnect with nature, to “explore life”.
Since its opening in 1990, the Museum Mensch und Natur has been one of Munich's most popular and well-attended museums. Due to the very limited space and poor infrastructure, the museum will close in 2020 in order to be comprehensively expanded and renovated. With a completely new concept and under the new name BIOTOPIA-Naturkundemuseum Bayern, it is expected to open in 2025 as an innovative museum and forum for life sciences and the environment.
BIOTOPIA will deepen the relationships between humans, their environment and other living beings and contribute to a new understanding of biodiversity and ecosystems in Bavaria and all over the world. The museum will foster stewardship for the environment throughout Bavaria and in doing so, works together closely with the Bavarian Natural History Collections, drawing on their rich compilation of objects and research findings.
In the interim phase while the Museum Man and Nature is closed and before it reopens as BIOTOPIA, the BIOTOPIA Lab serves as a temporary information, exhibition and event space. From presumably 2020 on, it gives a first insight into the themes and work of BIOTOPIA and offers programmes and activities for school classes and anybody else interested in the project.
BIOTOPIA is not only one central museum in Munich but intends to work with museums, educational institutions and research facilities throughout Bavaria. This gives rise to a bavaria-wide network that makes life sciences and natural history accessible in all regions.

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Become part of one Germany's most significant cultural projects: BIOTOPIA is growing! We are extending our team in several areas: Operations, finances and construction project management.

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With BIOTOPIA - Naturkundemuseum Bayern, the Bavarian state government is planning a pioneering project with international impact. The Förderkreis BIOTOPIA e.V. has now obtained more than half of the targeted private funding with a new grant from the science and technology company Merck from Darmstadt. Press Release in German only.

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The new exhibition in the Museum Mensch und Natur, developed with members of the BIOTOPIA team.

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10.000 Euros for BIOTOPIA - on November 20th 2019, German actor Axel Milberg won 10.000€ as a donation for the future museum during the Terra X-Show "Unsere Schätze" in ZDF.

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Do you have questions or need further information? Do not hesitate to get in touch with the BIOTOPIA team and the Förderkreis BIOTOPIA.

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