Due to the current corona situation, the opening of the BIOTOPIA Lab to the public is postponed.


BIOTOPIA activities for at home

However, you can still experience the Lab from now on: The BIOTOPIA team is working on digital and analog formats, experiments and DIY concepts with great commitment to bring you hands-on science to your home until the opening. "BIOTOPIA Lab @ Home" wants to arouse interest in scientific contexts and give you a small foretaste of the activities in the BIOTOPIA Lab - from the bottle garden or your own mushroom cultivation for home-use to the isolation of DNA from vegetables and fruits. We also plan to take a look behind the scenes of the lab with the lab experts, which hopefully will make you look forward to your visit in the near future!

Do you want to research yourself and discover exciting things from science and nature? Then you have come to the right place with our open programs in the BIOTOPIA Lab.

A voluntary advance reservation of max. 5 tickets (one hour each) are possible via eventbrite. You can also just drop by - we keep spaces free for the running audience.

The open drop in programs will initially only take place on weekends.

To comply with the corona protective measures, we are limiting the number of places in the BIOTOPIA Lab. Please bring your masks with you and understand if you have to wait a bit at peak times.

We always pay attention to compliance with the applicable hygiene regulations.

In our hygiene concept (in German) you can find detailed information about regular operations, educational program and events.

Fly like a bird

With our virtual reality flight simulator "Birdly" you can fly over the most beautiful landscapes of Bavaria and become a bird.

Depending on availability, the Birdly can be tried out Thursdays and Fridays from 1pm to 4pm and on weekends / public holidays during opening hours. If the demand is high, you may have to wait a little. Use this time to explore the other areas of the BIOTOPIA Lab!

We look forward to a voluntary donation for the use of the Birdly.


Open programs

Observe & Understand

Journey into the micro world
The view through the microscope

Together we look under the microscope at the hidden world that can be found in water or soil samples. We learn more about this fascinating microcosm, its biodiversity and the importance of the individual species for us and our habitat.

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HUMUS sapiens
Soil stratification, soil dwellers, material cycle

Get to know the incredible diversity of living things that break down and recycle animal and plant remains in the soil

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Water Worlds
Physics and life in the wet element

Look through the microscope and discover life in the water. Participate in various water experiments.

Research & manufacture

The Eternal Garden
Mini biotope in a bottle

Create your own hermethosphere with small plants and a little imagination.

Intelligent amoebas
Discover the world of slime molds

Feeding allowed! You can find out what slime molds have to do with oatmeal and that amoebas are no fungi at all.

The Code of Life
Isolate the banana DNA

Isolate the DNA of a banana and learn about the building blocks of life.

Cook & Cultivate

Fungi for future
The world of Fungi

Come into the world of mushrooms and discover how to use them to dye wool or start your own mushroom cultivation.

Kombucha Biodesign
Own creations from microbial biofilms

A slimy biofilm turns into a paper or leather-like material. The symbiosis of bacteria and yeasts not only creates a tasty drink but also a new material with which we can experiment.

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